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RR Dyranta and David Cameron winners of the Wodonga World Cup 2014

River Ridge is now the home of the Australian Showjumping Champion - RR Dyranta

It's with great excitement that a complete a long awaited update on our news this year. David Cameron rode RR Dyranta to win the Australian Senior Showjumping title and most recently their first World Cup Win at Wodonga Showjumping Spectaular.
This super mare is going from strength to strength. We work closely with David and Tallara to maintain her fitness, strength and developing her eductaion. She is stepping up to the highest ranks of this sport with as much grace as she can muster (she is known to have a tranter every now and then) and we could not be more proud of her, Dave and all the team involved in keeping this horse in top shape.

We've had a huge 2014 with great highs and lows. We're cracking on with young guns like RR Amaretto and our wonderful RR Spoticus as well as handling our 2 years olds and the yearlings are all looking great. We're expecting 5 foals in the next two months so there will be a lot of sleepless nights coming our way with with foal watch. RR Dyranta and RR Bellerose are both expecting babies this season as is RR Triple X and Top Lady R. We have stallions such as the Great Vivant, Caracas and young stars like Baluga and Calgary GNZ.

We're in full swing with a fabulous young mare called Lets Make Magic who is for sale on behalf of her owner and she is proving to be a real star. She's only just started her jumping career with three outings and placing second in the 90cms in Canberra yesterday! What a talent she is!

Airhill Myka and Bellerose are both coming back in to work this month after a nice spell so we will be busier than ever - stay tuned for more updates.

Victorian Results

Despite the big red truck staying in the shed over the past two weeks River Ridge has been well respresented in Victoria. David Cameron, of Tallara and Dave Equestrian , rode both RR Bellerose and RR Triple X to win various ribbons at both The Australian Showjumping Championships and Melbourne Royal Show.

At Melbourne Royal Show Lexie won the first (well officially the second but the first class was never run due to poor conditions) Section B class, Rosie won the second (third) class and Lexie placed in the (from what we were told) super big and tough Mini Prix! Dave came home with yet another Rug - Leading Part B Rider!! Check out the fancy rug and ribbons being modelled by the beautiful Rosie in the photo gallery.

Lexie and Rosie both came home with places from Werribee so we're very happy with our girls and looking forward to bringing them home tomorrow for some fun in the sun and grass grass grass. I'm sure they'll love it!

Our next stop with Bonnie back in the saddle will be The ACT Cup followed by NSW Indoor Championships at Tamworth. So stay tuned for more updates

Time flying by

Once again it has been a very busy couple of months. We have welcomed a new member of the team - baby Cameron. He arrived in late may and has been very time consuming since. In addition to this we have had numerous successes in the show ring since then with Bonnie making her return at the Sydney Showjumping Club Winter Championships (exactly 4 weeks are Cameron's arrival) with a lovely clear round in the 1.20m with Airhill Myka. We have since had Lexie, Rosie and Dyranta at a number of shows with Dave in the saddle and MANY ribbons, rugs and prizes. Lexie is proving her worth with various places in futurity classes such as a super 2nd at the Gatton World Cup show. Rosie has been amazing as ever with a highlight being a 4th of the tough World Cup class at Gatton and super Dysie being the star with places in every class at the Glenhaven Grand Prix Show and helping cart Bonnie around and qualify for the Mini Prix Final at the Gatton World Cup show.

We seem to be constantly on the move but this past couple of months has just been a warm up for what's to come for the rest of the year. The following is a list of the shows we are currently planning on attending to hopefully the weather and cooperates and we can end the year on a bang.

Jump into Spring - Clarendon 18th August
Jumping in the Hawkesbury - Clarendon 24/25th of August
Forbes show - Forbes 6/7th Sept
Showcase of Showjumping - Richmond 14/15th Sept
Australian Showjumping Championships (Dave with Rosie and Lexie)
Melbourne Royal Show (Dave with Rosie and Lexie)
NSW Champs - Tamworth 17-20th Oct
Jumping with the Wallabies - Wallaby Hill 26/27th Oct
Shepparton World Cup show - Shepparton Nov
Wodonga World Cup Show - Wodonga Nov
SSJC Championships - Clarendon, Dec
Summer Classic, SIEC, Dec

We hope to see you out and about and always feel free to come and say 'Hi' if you're at any of these events.


So it seems I have once again neglected my updates on here. It has been a busy and wonderful start to the new year (although we're almost half way through it now!).  We've had various successes with our team under the watchful eyes of Dave Cameron and Tallara Barwick . Most notable performances have been Lexie at Cooma winning the Futurity and her 3rd at the Camden Show in the Mini Prix. We have to say we were more than a little disappointed and surprised this horse didn't 'qualify' for Sydney Royal, part 3. There seemed to be at least a couple of other lesser performed horses that came in above her which is confusing.

We have also had both Dyranta and Bellerose placing very consistently in mini prix's accross the state. Followed by a great Sydney Royal with Dyranta placing in three of her classes giving her runner up leading part 3 horse to Tom McDermott's ever improving Laguna Beach. Rosie seemed a bit unimpressed that she had to come out and jump big fences every day but she had moments of brilliance with a beautiful clear round in the Part 2 speed class. She seems to be getting her head around more solid starts so it's onwards and upwards from here. 

We've had a bit of a slow down now, following the fantastic Showcase of Showjumping, where we will see the big girls come back out to play at the Weekend of World Cups at SIEC. In between we are working on fitness with some swimming laps and paddock work. Air Hill Myka and Triple X will most likely make the trip up to Dubbo as these two have had it a bit easier than the sister act, without doing Sydney Royal. We have the ever enthusiastic Rubiarn (Rubi) back in work and now around at Redleaf so we are VERY excited to see her back in action after her time off to create our lovely little filly Halle.

To keep up to date with all of our happenings and more information on our specific results and action please 'Like' us on Facebook.

We have settled in a couple of new residents to River Ridge this year, including two very different but both very beautiful coloured agisters. We have a couple of spaces left for full agistment so if you are interested please give me a call and come out to have a look around.

October, November and December

So, it's been a long time since my last update and this will make for a long one! We've had many shows since our great trip down to Werribee. Firstly we and the horses had a little break after that show and we got into some breeding activites. We have now got one surrogate carrying an embryo for RR Triple X that is by the VERY flash Finch Farm Stallion Calgary (Cassal la Silla). We're in the process of getting two more successful embryo transfers with RR Dyranta (under Baluga) and Air Hill Myka (under Cassiago). We're also waiting on some fozen semen to arrive for our beautiful Top Lady so next season will be a busy one with lots of four legged babies.

We then took the two horses that didn't go to Werribee off to the ACT Cup show which was pretty great. Geographic M performed consistently in the D and C&D classes getting better and better and the fabulous Myka was 2nd in the tough 1.30m Grand Prix Class. Linda rode her lovely Music around in the little ring and even though she didn't place based on optimum time she rode every round to perfection. Lovely to see after they've both had such a long break from competition.

Next was Jumping with the Wallabies at the stunning property owned and operated by Alex Townsend and her husband. The show was wonderful despite me having a bit of a bad first day we recovered and had Dyranta and Myka in the mini prix the second day with two wonderful starts and Lexie in the Speed Derby class. She was amazing - fast like an eventer but she took a serious dislike to the brush fence right at the end which pushed out right out of the placings. She really loves to cruise along at pace and I had a blast! It was such a great class for the crowds with the Jumpers versus Eventers and the amazing eventing gear that they had on hand to realy make it look fantastic.

We were then back down across the boarder into Victoria for Shepparton and Wodonga World Cup Shows. Shepparton started well with tough tracks and the girls going super. There was a minor hiccup in the Futurity with Triple X which saw Dave Cameron ably taking over the reins of all the horses for the following show. Bellerose seems to be really hitting her stride under the guidance of Tallara and Dave Equestrian where she didn't have a rail all show in a beautiful Mini Prix and a great place in the final class on the sand on Sunday.

On to Wodonga where we had a fairly relaxed start to the week with the option to work the horses in the indoors which was great considering they were all starting in there on the first day of the show. Dyranta placed indoors on the first day while Myka was confused with how small the fences were. Day two saw Rosie win the B&C grade championship indoors from a fast couple of riders from Queensland and the other girls jumping super outdoors in preparation for the following days outdoor classes. Myka was awesome in the mini prix with just the last fence coming down with a rush of blood and chasing a place - super nonetheless. Dyranta was also great with a 6th in the tough Futurity and Lexie just having a minor communication problem in the jump off. The highlight of the Vic shows was, without a doubt, the decision for Dave to start Rosie in her first World Cup. It's always difficult to choose the best time, show, footing etc to have their first MAJOR start but it seemed Dave chose right. Rosie jumped TWO perfect clear rounds to finish a very close second place to Billy Raymont's well campaigned Stardom. We were all just so happy both for Rosie and Dave to have done so well. It really is rewarding for everyone involved to see them kicking goals at the highest levels of the sport.

Back to River Ridge and back to reality. We're now into December and there was the Sydney Jump Club end of year Championships. Always a good show for us being so close to home although it was a tough one this year due to the extreme heat on day one. The horses all went very well but a special note again to Dyranta and Rosie who place First and Second, respectively, in the hotly contested Mini Prix. A great step up for Dy with a new rider in the saddle and super for Rosie to still be so consistently clever and willing. We fiished off the year the Summer Classic at SIEC this weekend just been and again it was HOT. The first day was also LONG with us leaving home at 6.30am and not returning until 8.30pm that night. I really think this huge first day really took it out of us and the horses as the following morning they were all fairly unimpressed to be getting back on the truck, whereas normally on day two they're still fresh and happy about it all. Dy and Lexie both qualified for the Future Stars Final which saw 24 very talented young horses jump over a technical and careful course designed by the masterful Leopoldo. Lexie had just one down and Dy took a bit of a dislike to the red double as well as the open water which she hasn't had an issue with until now. I really do feel she was just not in the right headspace right from the beginning of the day, unfortunately for her and for Dave. Rosie however jumped a super round in the second Mini Prix qualifier and qualified in the top 20 horses for that final. The mini Prix final on the Sunday was fairly dissapointing, for all involved I feel. Out of the 20 horses to start, 1 eliminiation, 4 retirees and many many rails fell. There was only one clear round from all of them and unfortunately it wasn't Rosie. She did however jumped an amazing round other than the shiny gold, black and white double which saw her end on 8 faults. It was a long course with 14 jumps including 3 combinations testing not only the scope but the fitness and edurance of both horse and rider physically and mentally.

It's always nice to set new challenges for the horses and riders and what we take away from all these shows this year is that we need to continue to work on our horses mental and physical fitness with us continuing to very their work with exercises for the mind and body. I'm very much looking forward to spectating at the George Morris clinic at Mt White in January. I find his teaching a little intimidating but he is truly a master of the sport with so much knowledge and so many ideas, exercises and lessons to impart on those riding and watching. Rosie and Lexie will be going with team Tallara and Dave Equestrian down the Bega and Cooma over the new year period and we will be working on our breeding program with the ones left at home.

Wishing everyone the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years! Cannot wait to see what the new year will bring for our super team!!

Australian Championships at Werribee

We made the long trip down to Werribee where you can fully expect 4 seasons in one day, everyday, with 3 horses on the truck. We chose to leave Gerry and Myka at home so I could focus on the two in the Silver and the main class for me, the Futurity. We had a great couple of days with Dyranta placing in all classes. 4th in the speed class on the first day, 8th in the AM5 on Day 2 and ending with a 3rd in the hotly contested Future Stars class on the Saturday. Dysie was then placed 2nd overall for the Silver series behind the very fast Jamie Kermond on Tulara Balouch. Lexie was super too! She and I are really giving a go now and sometimes my decisions don't come fast enough in the jump off situations, something to work on with her. She was clear on day 2 so finished high in the Silver and clear in the Future Stars so I had 2 of the 10 clear rounds out of a VERY strong field of over 60 horses. Rosie jumped super all weekend as well, with dave Cameron in the saddle. She was clear in the 1.35 on Thursday, a couple of faults in the 1.35 in the main ring on Friday and a couple again in the very tough Mini Prix on Saturday. She's making the transition from medium to large tracks and handling it very well. The Mini Prix saw only 3 clear rounds, to give you an idea of how tough it was.  We arrived home midday Sunday to a working bee with newly roadbased driveway and completion of our new bridge at the bottom of the driveway to the jumping paddock. All exciting stuff and more improvements to come. We're looking forward to our next outing already, at the ACT Cup in a couple of weeks.

Two Wonderful Shows in the Hawkesbury

So these past couple of weeks have been interesting weather wise but fabulous nonetheless. We have had two wonderful shows so close to home that I'm feeling rather spoilt after driving to and from Qld in recent months. We even managed to fit in a Sydney Jump Club day in between where Gerry (Geographic M) jumped his first official 7 Year Old class.

Firstly we had Jumping in the Hawkesbury - a very well run show considering it only very recently popped up on the radar. It's great to have such hard working people all pitch in especially the helpers who worked hard to make the ground out at the Hawkesbury showground good enough to make us all happy, thanks Sheridan Manuel for the water truck driving and David Sheppard for well designed courses. The horses all went very well. We had the full team there and a number placings with Lexie (Triple X) taking home a very cute rosette both days - we were 2nd in the Silver Final on the second day to none other than Dave Cameron! I hoped there might be some client / coach leniency when it came to him following me in the jump off but apparently not! It was rather dark by the time we finished which was pretty tough on the horses but not much could've been done to avoid this as we started so early it was only just light out when I was second horse on course for the day on Gerry. Myka also came away with a ribbon and Dy and Gerry both jumped well against stiff competition.


So I sit here on a Tuesday afternoon and I still cannot think of a way to praise the organisers, sponsors and all involved with the Grand National Showjumping Challenge that was held out at the Polo Fields in Richmond over the weekend. It truly looked like a festival with all four arenas firing all barrels. Getting through a huge number of horses without delay, with solid and suitable courses, great footing and an impressive atmosphere. Despite the ferocious winds on Friday we were lucky enough to have a bit of a respite on Saturday and then truly glorious spring weather on the Sunday. The show started, for me, with the Bronze Qualifier. I had my three mares in this class and it was a real step up for Myka who I have been spending some quality time getting to know around smaller tracks recently. She was super! Except for a fairly poor judgment call by the rider (of which I will also admit to having on Lexie in the jump off) she jumped amazingly. Lexie was also super with a clear first round. Unfortunately Dy seems to have a grudge against the Polo Fields and I opted to retire her after a disagreement between her and I. The pressure was on - out of 60 competitors 20 were to go through to the final and there were 29 clear rounds. I decided to be smooth and increase my pace but not go crazy to try and qualify. This where my quick decision making let me down and I turned a bit tighter than planned to a rather large white oxer and wimped out. She jumped wonderfully but we didn't quality for the final. Gerry was a good boy in the 7 year old class. The first time he's gone out into a 1.20m round without a warm up so he was a little surprised but very ride-able.


Day two saw my three girls back into the last chance qualifier and Lexie was the first to go. Again she was super. A lovely double clean and what I thought was fast in the second phase - apparently NOT! I didn't get to watch many go as I had three in it but they must've gone FAST! Dy was much better today, I 'cowboyed' up as Krissy Harris would say and got on with it, a little error in the second phase saw her down the ladder but much better than Saturday. Myka was super again. Double clean but I chose to go a bit wider on her in the second phase to ensure we ended confidently. Rosie was our sole River Ridge representative in the Bronze final and she jumped very well. She seems to be settling in with Dave very well and looking more comfortable each time. She just looks the part around bigger tracks and we're looking forward to watching her do more and more of them. We then had a huge break (I was done in the bronze by 10.30 and Gerry's class didn't start until around 3pm) during which we immersed ourselves in the show with a bit of retail therapy and the pleasures of the tented areas with good food and drink, well mineral water for me, the rider and truck driver. Gerry jumped well, again a little surprised that the jumps seem to be getting bigger but he just gets better every time. The Gold and Silver classes were a pleasure to watch. Plenty of action in the Gold with a couple of rather experienced horses and riders coming unstuck at various places around the course. The track looked both tall and technical seeing a spread of fences hit the grass. The winner of both Gold and Silver Finals was the crafty Jamie Kermond. He rode two fancy grey stallions to victory. I am proud to say we're actually expecting a foal by Valhalla in the next couple of weeks so it was nice to see him back out and on form.


Well, that's all for now. We've been busy packing and unpacking the truck so this weekend will be a quiet one in preparation for our trip down to Werribee for the Australian Titles. I'll only be taking Dyranta and Lexie as the combination of entries, fees, stables etc was crazy expensive. We're also on foal watch as we speak for our Higgins x Rubiarn baby. She's ready to burst but seems to be keeping us in suspense!!


Sunny Queensland

So, we have returned from our long awaited trip up north and I have to say, overall it was a bit of a rollercoaster. We had a safe trip up, but managed to get bogged upon arrival at Toowoomba. This is never a great way to end a day that started by leaving at 3am. Thankfully we got relocated first thing the next morning however my liking of the Toowoomba showground definitely didn't get any better over the weekend. I am fairly certain I will never return to the grounds, it is windy and horrid and despite the best efforts the accommodating organising committee the show was a bit of a shambles with the training day and most other days running into the dark and therefore super cold. Courses not being ready to walk on time each day didn't help this as well as the lack of marshalls or any early decision on how to get people into the ring. For what was meant to be the QLD State titles it was rather surprising. Anyway, the horses jumped well. Triple X (Lexie) had a bit of a fright jumping in the dark on the training day so we stepped her back to keep her confident. Myka started in the Mini Prix and jumped well, despite her jockey not feeling overly confident. Bellerose R was the only one to come away with a ribbon with Dave Cameron in the saddle. Main class was won by the super talented Eternal Flame, that will be going back to Europe with her in the near future.


Onto Gatton World Cup Show. The drive on Monday was short and easy and the best part of all, we left the horrific wind behind us. Gatton saw a lot of NSW travelers up for most of the week and the organising committee was truly fabulous with letting us ride/work on the main arena most days and getting some water and a harrow into the indoor when it was incredibly busy the day before the show. We had a minor hiccup with Lexie getting herself cast during the day resulting in some skin missing but thankfully nothing to dramatic. She jumped really well all weekend, no back boots and all! Lexie was the ribbon winner with a 4th in one of the 1.25m classes in a tough jumpoff. Myka had a bit of a fright with the funny looking yellow V fence on the first day but went around well in some lower classes and Dyranta jumped super in the first round of the futurity with a beautiful clear round, then an unfortunate mega miss from me in the jump off. She also started really well in the mini-prix but I wimped out before the awful looking treble and retired. I wanted to keep her confident heading into The Ekka and when I came back to watch the rest of the class I'm glad I did as there was a fair amount of carnage (especially at the treble!). The Futurity and Mini Prix were won in super jump offs by Paula Hamood and Jack Maunder, respectively and it was great to watch some young talented horses with good equipment and courses have a real go. You definitely don't get anywhere with just two nice clean rounds up there (in QLD), you have to really want it and really go for it!


We then drove up to the amazing Glenhaven Park for the week in between Gatton and The Ekka. A HUGE thank you to the wonderful and whacky Hamood Family for having us, the Maunders, Tegan and Nick, and what was left of team Redleaf, James. We had a glorious weather (except for one day of wind) and many fun/funny social outings such as invading one the neighbours’ houses to celebrate her birthday/watch the jumping final! A whole house full of jumping riders took over her living room couches and floor to cheer on our Aussie girls - Julia and Edwina.


Following our home stay we were off to Brookfield Showground, on the outskirts of Brisbane where we based ourselves during the Ekka and traveled in and out when required. The horses we super happy here with grass paddocks and yards as well as no fireworks of a night. We had a great start to the Ekka with Dyranta and Lexie jumping clean in the first part 3 class with Lexie having one down in the jump off and Dy just out the placings. Amazingly, for a royal show, there were about 60 entries in part 3!! Thankfully there were some sratchings and many swaps/changes but almost 20 clean on the first day made it a tough jumpoff. The rest of the show went well. The courses got tougher and taller and clean rounds were hard to come by. We finished off the week with me being almost incapacitated with a serious bout of the flu but jumping well on the final day with the last part of the final treble coming down Dy and first part with Lexie - I ALMOST made it around clean, but not close enough. The world cup was fabulous under the lights with a huge crowd and won by the AMAZING Evie Buller. She is absolutely unreal to watch and the class was great. Ross Smiths' horse was amazing and seems to get better each time I see it go. It won the Gatton WC and really is world class. Another mention to Gab Kuna who was outstanding with Diamond B Jimmy Choo, she has done such wonderful things with her grey gelding and I can't wait to see them in the ribbons, the deserve it. 


On the home front we arriving back to an awful wind storm, most of the jumps survived although they all got blown over again yesterday with the second wind storm this week. I am not sure how it can be after all the wet times this year but we could really do with some rain now, or at least the wind to stop so we can be effective when watering. The warm days this week have been great and we're looking forward to Jumping in the Hawkesbury tomorrow and Sunday. We have a couple of good shows that we're looking forward to in the next couple of months so there'll be plenty of updates to come. 

Gunnedah Winter Showjumping Festival

So we made the lengthy journey up the Putty Road to Gunnedah and had a bit of a mixed bag of a weekend. Friday was super with Geographic M (Gerry) stepping up and jumping nicely around the 1.15-1.20 with a couple of green rails. RR Triple X (Lexie) and Myka also jumped around this class double clean but with considered jump offs due to the 40 odd horses in it we didn't want to go like crazy on the first day. Dyranta R jumped a wonderful clean round in the 1.30m with a bit of a jockey error resulting in a circle down what she was seeing as a 5.5stride line. Saturday saw Lexie take a dislike to a funny looking style plank oxer and an uncharacteristic one down for both Myka and Dyranta in the 1.20 - 1.25. Gerry again with a green rail in the 1.15 but he is showing huge improvement in concentration. Finally Sunday came with a very fresh start at -5.7 (yes this is very specific as I distinctly recall this temp reading when I was thinking about getting out of bed at 6am to feed). Nonetheless we got organised as I was second out in the 1.20-1.25m Grand Prix and I had a serious brain snap resulting in a tumble off Myka. Up I got and onto the next one, Lexie who jumped a beautiful double clean to be just out of the money. Now Dysie - I was a bit dissapointed in her rail in the middle of the treble in this class and happened to have a spare entry in the 1.35+ Grand Prix so thought to myself, why not hang around and see how big they build it, maybe she can jump around that. Very glad I did and even more glad that I 'cowboyed up' as a friend of mine says and rode around. Dy went like a dream and had just one silly rail that was again as a result of me misjudging a 5 stride line following a pretty serious treble. She was fantastic and I really do feel she is ready to make this step up. Upon returning home, newly inspired and feeling more and more confident on my new ones I did the entries for Gatton and Sydney Jump Club champs with Dysie now stepping up more permanently into the 1.30's and maybe a mini prix start in QLD!

Not to be forgotten is our wonderful Bellerose being ridden by Dave Cameron - she didn't touch a single rail all weekend but a time fault here and there kept her out of two jump offs and a slight hestitation kept her just out of the money in the 1.25m Grand Prix on Sunday. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her step up with her new rider. It'll be great to have the sister act of Dyranta and Bellerose in some bigger classes.


Camden Winter Festival Wins

We've just spent the last 2 days with super early mornings and long days but wonderful results. Dyranta R (Dysie) and RR Triple X (Lexie) were stars of the show taking out both of the main classes, Amateur Category A with Lexie winning on Saturday, Dy in 4th. Dy winning on Sunday and Lexie in 2nd. This gave Bonnie the overall FEI Category A Winner. Geographic M also managed a credible 4th in the Category B, part B with just one rail in the first round and a beautiful clean round in the second. Now for a stay inside and warm day catching up on paperwork and getting our QLD trip organised. 

For a good write up of the show check out the Jumping NSW Article written by Rachel Smith   

Dubbo Show

We had a fantastic trip up tp Dubbo with our team of 5 horses. This was the first show for the two new horses and this proved a little, well more than little, challenging at times with our Kiwi friends not too sure about why there is trot racing going on and we are trying to jump in almost darkness at the end of the day. Other than this everything went smoothly. Georgraphic M was a little distracted when the rides started their testing on Friday but was good in the ring each day. Dyranta R was fantastic with a 4th in the C & D grade on the Friday and a 3rd in the very competitive C & D Grade Championship class on the Sunday, right behind an incredibly fast Jack Maunder and David Cameron. Bellerose, ridden by David was also super all weekend without even looking like touching a rail and having a great A & B Grade start on the Sunday. Next we're off to Sydney Jump Club for a training day and then Camden FEI Amateur show and Gunnedah Winter Championships. Hopefully we find out soon but we're also planning of going up to QLD for Toowoomba (QLD Showjumping Championship), Gatton World CUp Show and EKKA. 

New Additions to the Team

Last week we saw the arrival of two new RR Team members. We have Airhill Myka and Waitangi Triple X, now RR Triple X. Both wonderful mares have come across the Tasman and are settling in nicely, despite being very ready for a NZ winter with thick and full coats. Looking forward to many updates with these two so Watch This Space. Myka is a well seasoned pocket rocket whose job is to help Bonnie gain some experience over larger tracks and Triple X (Lexie) is an up and coming star showing loads of potential and a wonderful education so far, as she was a successful eventer prior to starting her showjumping career with the Steiners in NZ.  

Weekend of World Cups and Showcase of Showjumping

So we've had a couple of very nice shows these past couple of weeks between SIEC run by ESP and SOS by the fabulous Winning family and it has been great to get the horses out and about. Dy (Dyranta) was fantastic at SIEC being consistently in the top 10% of her huge classes (120 in the 1.20 the first day!) and Gerry (Geographic) was fabulous with two ribbons; one in the Classic Jumper on the friday and one in the open 1.10 on the Sunday - a very hotly contested class with plenty of entries.

New Website Up and Running

Welcome to our new Website. Hopefully it answers most questions you may have about our property, our team or horses how we do things and how we might be able to help you.