If there is a service you require and it is not listed here please contact Bonnie as she will try her best to accommodate your needs.


We offer full board agistment only. We have a range of riding areas to choose from as well as various services included such as feeding, rugging, fly veils, automatic waterers, paddocks cleaned of manure daily and there are plenty of additional pay as you go services such as rug washing, riding, treadmill / fitness training and more.

Riding/ Training

With an understanding of various disciplines, and time and patience, you can be assured that your horse or pony is in good hands. We can help teach your four legged friend new skills or work on developing the ones they already have. Bonnie has been and continues to be coached by some of the best coaches and riders in not only Australia, but the world. She will endeavor to set and achieve goals and work with you and your horse to be the best team that you can be.


Bonnie is an NCAS accredited coach with the understanding that every riders has different strengths and weaknesses as well as goals and aspirations. She competes regularly herself so understands what competitions are like and can help with on the day coaching, when possible. 

Show or sale preparation

We are experienced in presenting horses immaculately for either show or sales. With the right tools and knowledge we can have your horse looking its absolute best.

Riding area hire

We have such a wonderful area to work and train our horses that we are more than happy if you would like to bring along a horse, or a couple, and exercise them here. We have a great big space as well as a sectioned off area with jumps and a great hill for muscle and fitness training. It’s very important to provide variety in your training for a mental release as well as working and training various muscles in both the horse and rider.


This can be to and from particular shows or if you’re looking for somewhere to spell a horse we can pick them up and drop them back when you want them returned.

Veterinary / breeding

We have the facilities and the space to help you achieve your breeding dream. We can arrange the vet, scanning, impregnating and all stages between here and birth for you.


We can care for your recovering horse from stable bound through to paddock life with various yard sizes to help the readjustment and companion horses for company along the way.