The People

The People

We are, of course, supported by a wonderful team of vets and our fabulous farrier who has gone above and beyond when things haven’t always gone to plan (like losing shoes the day before a show!)


Bonnie is the Stable Manager and Rider who looks after the day to day running of the property and horses. From feeding and working out competition and fitness plans for the horses to breeding and general care of horses of all ages, levels and disciplines she is the one you will see on a day to day basis. Bonnie is an NCAS accredited Coach for all disciplines and she is eager to help you get the most out of your time with your horses. She can also arrange a horse for you to have lessons on if you don't have one of your own.






Linda is the Gatekeeper. She's always in and out helping out with the day to day running of the property with stables, organisation and always willing to lend a hand up at the riding area with jumps. She's the person who motivates and makes sure things get done and is an integral member of the team.




  Bryan is the groundskeeper and mister fix it. When Bonnie and Linda don’t know how to fix it Bryan is  
  the first point of call. He helps with all property maintenance such as keeping the riding areas and
  paddocks looking great, watering and fencing solutions.

The Four Legged People

Arnie is our latest addition. A pure bred boxer from southern NSW he arrived rather skinny and with a few tummy issues but he is now thriving and no longer trying to eat our free range chickens everytime he sees them! (Photo to come)






Chelsea may pretend to be aloof but she really is a big softie and loves nothing more than a chin scratch, any time of day. She is rather like a dog as she will happily trot alongside when you're walking around the stables or between sheds. She's in charge of keeping the rodent population at bay and out of the feed area. As far as we know, she's good at her job. Oh, and Chelsea was adopted from the RSPCA and as far as we know was born without a tail, don't tell her though, not sure she knows it's missing.